Sheep Dog Trials (With Robots)

Sheep Dog Trials (With Robots)

A wacky take on an old sport. Instead of herding Sheep, the contenders have to herd bunch of unruly robots to their dock. Held as part of the Adopt-a-robot project, the event was organised to enthrall and inform the public about advances and limitations in robotics.

The robots were capable of detecting humans and certain gestures by which the robots are to be controlled. However, each robot has it’s ‘own mind’ and could behave quite unexpectedly given external stimuli it receives. This makes the task of corralling them that much difficult (albeit fun). Some of the participants practiced for hours on end, interestingly though the one that took the cup was a little 12 year old, who without any previous training docked the robot in no time. Perhaps, that’s the singular indication that the next generation is more adept at using robotic technology compared to the current generations.

Event was held at the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, 8th December 2011, 4.10-5.00pm compered by Marc Smith.

System Design: Damith Herath, Christian Kroos, Zhengzhi Zhang



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December 8, 2011