Swarming Heads

Swarming Heads

Original Sketch of the Swarming Robot by Stelarc

Part of a larger research project, Swarming Heads is the artistic interpretation of the project by Stelarc. A preview of the then work-in-progress installation was open to the public in December 2011 at the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney. The interactive installation has seven robots with on-board sensors for detecting human interlocutors and means to acknowledge each other. Perched on a pedestal of 2m diameter – the robots develop emergent behavior in response to each other and the observers.

The project began as an integral part of the Adopt-a-robot program in early 2010. This installation has inspired several other works including this one by Erin Gee. Recently, a US start up has come-up with a similar concept that uses a smart phone as the robotic head, the installation uses a ASUS tablet and an iRobot Create robot base.

Artist: Stelarc | Systems Engineering: Damith | TH Framework: Damith & Zhengzhi | AI: Christian Kroos




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December 8, 2011